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who we are

We are students from a variety of backgrounds who have come together to share our love for Jesus and our friendship with one another. We aren’t perfect but we are growing. We’re growing as individual Christians and we are growing as Christ’s Church right here in the middle of campus.

No matter what your background is, you are welcome to join us as we pursue a deeper relationship with God. You are welcome to come in and sit in the back of our meetings and just watch if you want, but don’t think you’ll be able to be uninvolved. Fact is we want you to be apart of who we are and share in what we do.

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what we do


Wednesdays 7pm in University Center 202C

We meet on campus at Ferris State University in the University Center. The large group meetings usually have music lead by our praise team, and a message.  And we finish by praying together and hanging out for fun and fellowship!


Small groups are at the core of our church. As good as the larger meetings are, this is where real relationships are formed, where true challenges come about, and where the most potential for personal growth lies.

We offer small groups all throughout the week so that you can find one that fits into your schedule.  Each week, your small group will give you a chance to talk about topics that affect YOU as a college student, pray with your new friends and draw deeper in your relationship with God.


We don’t want you to just keep your faith to yourself.  We want you to do something BIG with it.  That’s why we spend spring break in Juarez, Mexico to build new homes for families whose houses make the dorms look luxurious. To make this happen we team up with a missions organization called Casas Por Cristo, and build these houses from the ground up, with our own hands, helping realize the Gospel in a tangible way.


To see more of what we do on a weekly basis, like our Facebook page (His House Christian Fellowship – FSU) to see photos, events, announcements and more!  You can also check out our missions trip blog: A City Not Forgotten to see what we do in Juarez, Mexico every year.

where we are


526 and 522 S. Michigan

The Guys’ and Girls Ministry Houses on the corner of S. Michigan and Chestnut where we host Bible Studies, launch service events, hold movie nights and whatever other shenanigans we can think of. In the winter, the Guys House (526) also offers a free hot chocolate machine!  If you’re ever bored and need a place to hang out, the houses are always open for you!


University Center 202C on Wednesdays at 7