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Fundraising is a dirty and scary word for most people.  You imagine door to door solicitors, telethons, and bad radio commercials.  But fundraising for the Mexico trip is the farthest thing from all of those.  We want to encourage everyone who goes on the trip not only to raise financial support, but also to raise prayer supporters as we undergo the endeavor of raising funds for our trip.

This is an opportunity for not only you, the fundraiser to grow in faith, but also for the fundraisee to partner with our ministry and spread a physical gospel to the families in Mexico who don’t have a real place to call home.

While the price may seem insurmountable, $675 is much smaller than our God’s ability to provide.  We choose to be vision focused, rather than budget focused.  And our vision is to build 4 houses for this year, but this will only be accomplished through your efforts in not only funding your part of the the trip, but raising support for additional houses as well.  This page is the access point for fundraising ideas, examples, and strategies.


Fundraising, while not difficult, does take effort.  And there are many effective, and ineffective ways to raise the support.  Here is a list of the most to the least effective ways to raise support.

1) Talk to people face to face.  This is the hardest and potentially most awkward, but it is how you can best paint the picture of what we do, why we do it, and how they can help.

2) Call people on the phone.  Not as personal, but it is still a good way to talk to people who are too far away to actually visit or see in person.

3) Letters.  Letters are a good way to let people know what is going on, but it is hard to really communicate well to them what we are doing, and a lot of time a letter is not read all of the way through.

4) Facebook status updates.  Really?  I mean…really?



Everyone!  Here’s a list of potential people you can ask for help:

  • parents
  • grandparents
  • aunts/uncles
  • cousins
  • siblings
  • professors
  • teachers
  • friends
  • little league teammates
  • coworkers
  • bosses
  • neighbors
  • parent’s friends
  • friend’s parents
  • your dentist
  • roommates
  • pastor
  • church people
  • church mission board
  • youth pastor/leaders
  • etc…(if you can exhaust this list without raising the funds talk to Joe and Mitch for more options)
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