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Students get excited about warm, sunny beaches when they think of spring break. We’re no exception. But we want to do something exceptional for Spring Break. We want to have a mission, a purpose and a goal. So, we are heading south to a place where there is plenty of beach… just no water… and no break.

The Friday of spring break, we will leave FSU to bring hope to the forgotten people of a hopeless city. Juarez, Mexico has been called the most violent city in the world. We think it’s the place that most needs to see God’s love in a tangible way. We will build houses for homeless famDSC_0265ilies, each trying to survive on less than $40 per week. Juarez, Mexico. We pay for vans, gasoline, food, and all the building materials. The cost to the family is $0 – zilch, nada, nothing.



For many of these families, this might be the first time that someone has showed that they care about them.  These homes open the door for pastors in Mexico to share the gospel with entire neighborhoods!  It’s amazing the difference that one house can make!



It’s not an easy trip.  You should know that up front. We drive down to Mexico in 15 passenger vans that are packed to the brim with people and stuff.  It’s approximately a 35 hour drive down to El Paso, where we sleep on the floors of a local church before crossing the border on Monday.  From sunup to sundown for the next 3 days, we’re building houses as fast as we can go.  On the day 4 (Thursday), we cross the border back into Texas and spend the day serving Casas por Cristo at their main mission base.  Friday, we jump back into vans and drive the 35 hours back.

Like we said, it’s not an easy trip but it’s one of the most rewarding trips you will ever go on!  You’ll make some of the best friends you’ve ever known sitting in the vans (not that this should be your reason for going at all, but you should know that the number of couples that meet on the Mexico trip are well into the double digits), learn how much a smile can communicate as you play with the kids in Mexico and get to serve in ways that you never have before. It really is the best way you could ever spend your spring break!

To see what we’ve done the past three years in Juarez, check out our missions trip blog here: A City Not Forgotten.  You can also look at photos from the 20142015, 2016 and 2017 on our Facebook page.