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1011084_135721189931816_1034975161_nFor the past 17 years, His House at Ferris has traveled to Mexico to work with Casas por Cristo and their mission of building homes for families in Juarez, Mexico.  In those 17 years, over 30 houses have been built by His House students and their parents and friends, staff and alumni.

There are no scholarships offered for this trip.  Everyone who goes is required to raise $675 to be able to go.  The money raised is used towards building supplies, food, water and lodging in Mexico.  We encourage our students to ask their families, friends, churches, professors and classmates to help support their trips.  By including others in their trip fundraising, they are demonstrating a trust that God will provide and inviting others to be a blessing with them as they travel!


Thank you for your interest and your support of our efforts and our trip!

For updates before and during the trip, you can visit our missions trip blog and follow us on Facebook.  If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Kate (